Flue Gas and Off Gas Cleaning

In the field of flue gas and off gas cleaning, we provide the entire process from the preparation of the study to the delivery and implementation of the technological solution, including follow-up service. We can also help you solve problems related to compliance with emission limits.

We will design the optimal tailor-made solution for you:

  • removal of solid particles (fabric filters, electrostatic precipitators, 4D filtration, etc.)
  • removal of PCDD/Fs and heavy metals (adsorption on carbonaceous or zeolitic sorbents, absorption methods, catalytic filtration, chemisorption)
  • removal of combustible pollutants - CO, VOCs (incinerators, ceramic grate incinerators, catalytic incinerators)
  • desulphurisation and removal of other acidic pollutants (HCl, HF, etc.)
  • NOx removal by SCR and SNCR methods
  • combined disposal (increase of the concentration of combustible pollutants by adsorption and their subsequent thermal disposal)
  • systems for the measurement, regulation and control  of the processes and equipment mentioned above
For more information about our solutions, please contact
Ing. Martin Španvirt