Energy recovery of waste, biomass and other fuels

In the field of energy utilisation of waste, biomass and other fuels, we provide the entire process from the preparation of the study to the delivery and implementation of the technological solution, including follow-up service. We design the energy utilisation process according to the parameters of the fuel - calorific value, ash content, chemical composition, etc. In cases where the fuel properties are not known, we carry out combustion tests, which at the same time allow us to determine the pollutants produced. We supplement the combustion process with any system of heat utilisation including heat, cold or electricity production in the form of the fluid required by the customer. For the cooled flue gases, we then design the optimal flue gas cleaning system according to BREF and BAT.

We will design a tailor-made system for treatment of:

  • medical waste
  • hazardous waste
  • industrial waste
  • municipal waste
  • discards from sorting lines
  • solid alternative fuels (RDF)
  • contaminated biomass
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Ing. Tomáš Krejčí