‍Study on the optimisation of support for energy from waste


Ministry of Industry and Trade - EFEKT Programme

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Within the framework of the State Programme for the Promotion of Energy Saving and Use of Renewable Energy Sources for 2010, a study was prepared by the author's collective EVECO Brno, s.r.o. and the Institute of Process and Ecological Engineering of Brno University of Technology focused on the optimal setting of the amount of support for the production of electricity from waste in relation to the price of electricity for consumers.

The subject of the study was the development of background material for the implementation of a functional mechanism of support for energy production from waste in the legislation of the Czech Republic. Attention was paid in particular to the assessment of the potential of energy production from waste in the regions, the analysis of locations in terms of the supply of the produced heat, the economics of the waste-to-energy project and support mechanisms. As a reference system for the analysis, its own modern technological solution of the waste-to-energy unit was used.

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