Study of the change of the fuel base of the Bohumín heating plant


MS Utilites & Services a.s.

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A study was prepared for the company MS Utilites & Services a.s. in connection with the planned shift away from coal combustion, which dealt with the technical and economic assessment of a possible transition of the heating plant to a different fuel base. Five fuel options were considered, which included the existing use of a coal and biomass fuel mix with a majority of coal, a fuel mix with a higher proportion of biomass, a switch to a biomass boiler plant, a switch to a gas boiler plant and the construction of a plant for the energy utilisation of mechanically treated municipal waste.

In addition, due to the unclear development of heat demand, 3 power options were developed. In total, the study dealt with a comprehensive comparison of 11 possible operation options. The assessment focused in particular on the possibilities of further operation of the current technology, the technical solution for the construction of new technologies and the economic feasibility of the options. On the basis of the proposed technologies, an economic analysis was made, focusing on the comparison of the output price for heat for the customer. In addition to this analysis, the output was a basic layout, a risk analysis of fuel switching and recommendations for future operation for all power options.

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