Analysis of the impact of WtE support on consumers under the landfill ban


Ministry of Industry and Trade - EFEKT Programme

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Within the framework of the State Programme for the Promotion of Energy Saving and Use of Renewable Energy Sources for 2013, a study focused on modelling the impacts of the promotion of energy utilisation  of waste on the end consumer under the conditions of the landfill ban was developed by the author's collective EVECO Brno, s.r.o. and the Institute of Process Engineering of Brno University of Technology.

The aim of the study was to evaluate the potential of waste-to-energy utilisation in the regions, to locate suitable sites for new WtE facilities in terms of the amount of available waste and possible heat supply, to identify future investment projects and quantify the total costs required for the construction of these facilities, to quantify the optimal public support and to quantify the impact on the final consumer.

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