The modern technological unit for combustion and energy recovery of various types of waste and biomass EVELINE consists of a series of highly efficient boilers with an output of 1 to 5 MW. Due to its small processing capacity, the EVELINE unit is a suitable solution for cities, micro-regions, smaller and medium-sized production businesses. It offers the possibility of linking waste producer, waste processor and energy consumer and is the basic source of a modern heat and power generation network. Thanks to an efficient flue gas cleaning system, the technology can also be used in demanding industrial plants.

The possibilities of EVELINE technology:

  • combustion of various types of waste and biomass, including contaminated biomass and alternative fuels
  • dry flue gas cleaning system without water consumption and production
  • optimisation of operating costs by controlling the pollutant removal rate
  • highly automated operation
  • possibility to produce steam, electricity or domestic hot water
  • low investment costs
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