Thermal treatment of sludge

Thermal treatment of sludge

Technological units for thermal treatment of sludge represent a complex and challenging task in terms of process engineering and environmental protection. Their design requires deep know-how and long-term experience from various engineering fields.

Technological units (sludge incinerators) destroy wide range of pollutants from industrial production. Pollutants occur in solid, liquid and gaseous phase. Sludge of extremely high humidity represents a specific case. Nevertheless even those can be effectively treated.

Sludge incinerators are mostly equipped with a multiple-hearth kiln or fluidized bed furnace for sludge incineration. Depending on the sludge composition flue gas cleaning systems can be based on completely dry, semi-dry or wet methods.




Sludge incinerator typically includes as follows:

  • sludge pre-treatment (sludge dewatering, storage, etc.)
  • sludge incineration (multiple hearth kiln, fluidized bed furnace, secondary combustion chamber, etc.)
  • heat utilization (steam generator, thermal oil heater, hot water boiler, etc.)
  • flue gas cleaning (dry, semi-dry or wet method, dioxin/furan removal, etc.)
  • residues management (ash and fly-ash removal  and closed storage, etc.)
  • modern control and safety system


Thermal treatment of sludge
Thermal treatment of sludge