Special design of heat exchangers

Special design of heat exchangers

For more effective utilization of heat, We offer You access to complex engineering which is supported with long-time practical experience and up-to-date results from research and development. We design and realize „tailored” heat exchangers according to Your specific requirements. Our flexibility allows us to work with wide range of process parameters and used mediums. As well as in an area of usage: We have made unique projects in Food, Petrochemical or Energetic industry waste or biomass to energy – see our reference projects.

Heat utilizing devices are most commonly tubular and plate heat exchangers, recuperative or regenerative exchangers.

During design we aim on effectiveness, reliability, simplicity, long lifetime and user comfort.



We offer these activities in the area of specialized heat exchangers:

  • Design and test calculations (balance, structural analysis, simulation)
  • Project documentation
  • Construction design including production documentation
  • Production and delivery
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Training of the operators
  • Service