Energy from Biomass

Energy from Biomass

EVECO Brno, in cooperation with a group of Czech companies and Brno University of Technology – Institute of process and environmental engineering, has developed a new technological unit for biomass combustion.

We offer highly efficient boilers with capacities from 1 to 5 MW, which are characterized by integration of proven technical solutions. The technology and total process optimization have been proven by calculations including simulation models using CFD methods.





Forms of energy produced by proposed technology:

Warm and hot water boiler – Hot utility water

Steam generation for various technological demands

Cogeneration – combined heat and electricity generation

Main advantages of technology are as follows:

Low fuel consumption – due to high equipment efficiency

Fully automatic operation – it guarantees high user comfort

Versatility– various types of biomass combustion

Independency – in case of cogeneration – unit can cover your heat and electricity needs

Clean energy generation – biomass combustion is CO2 neutral

Cost attractive solution – short payback period

All specific requirements can be tested during the project preparatory phase at the reference biomass unit. Experts from Czech Universities provide additional expertise as required.

Energy from Biomass
Energy from Biomass
Energy from Biomass
Energy from Biomass