Desulphurization DeSOx

 Desulphurization DeSOx

In present many operators of coal-fired boilers are forced to comply with stricter emission limits in terms of SO2 concentration in the flue gases.

To reduce SO2 in flue gases to the required emission limits we design and deliver systems of dry sorption, which is based on injection of powdered sorbents on Ca2+ (etc. calcium oxide or hydrated lime) or Na+ (etc. sodium bicarbonate) basis. These sorbents are capable to neutralize acidic components in flue gases (such as HF, HCl and SO2). The required reduction is achieved by controlled injection of powdered sorbents.

Effective application of desulphurization systems requires the following process condtitions:

  • suitable granulometry of sorbents,
  • suitable operating temperature of flue gases,
  • intense mixing between sorbents particles and pollutants,
  • required residence time.

Main features of dry sorption:

  • high efficiency and flexibility,
  • completely dry process,
  • simple technology,
  • health safe sorbents,
  • cost attractive method.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We also offer realization of full-scale operational tests, so you can easily verify efficiency and suitability of this technology for your unique process.

 Desulphurization DeSOx
 Desulphurization DeSOx
 Desulphurization DeSOx
 Desulphurization DeSOx