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Company EVECO Brno is your partner and supplier of reliable, economic and environmentally friendly technical solutions for:

  • waste-to-energy
  • biomass boilers
  • flue gas and off-gas cleaning
  • burner systems
  • plant revamp and retrofitting



VALENTYNA - up-to-date hospital incinerator
Faculty Hospital Hradec Králové, 2016 Conception and construction of „taylor-made“ incinerator enables environmentally friendly and economically viable disposal of waste due to the use of flue gas...
Special feeding burner for alternative fuels
SCHENCK PROCESS, ČESKOMORAVSKÉ VÁPNO, Mokrá, a.s., Czech Republic, 2003 Design and delivery of special feeding burner fired with alternative fuels for lime works application. Supplier of burner...
Baghouse filter revamp at coal-fired boiler
SPOLANA, a.s., Neratovice, Czech Republic, 2008, 2012 Turn-key delivery of new filtration system. Revamp of existing equipment and delivery of new equipment. General contractor EVECO Brno.
Heating system of hardening and tempering furnace for thermal treatment of pressurized vessels
VL SERVIS, s.r.o.,  MILMET, Sosnowiec, Poland, 2010-2011 Company EVECO Brno has prepared design of equipment, necessary project documentation, ensured manufacturing and installation of heating...
I. phase of flue gas desulphurization on boilers K5 and K8
DALKIA Czech republic, a.s., Power plant Kolín, 2011 Turn key delivery of DeSOx technology based on dosing of dry adsorbent into the flue gases was executed on coal fired boilers K5 and K8....
Complete reconstruction of coal fired central heating plant Dolní in Bruntál - delivery of desulphurisation technology I. phase
TEPLO BRUNTÁL a.s., Bruntál, Czech Republic, 2014 Turnkey delivery of technology for reduction of SO2 emissions at fluid bed steam boiler with capacity of 4,0 tonnes of steam per hour, located in...
Primary and secondary measures for reduction of NOx emissions on coal-fired boilers K1 and K3 ČSM North - phase  I/b and II/a
Customer: AmpluServis, a.s., Elektrárenská 5558, 709 74 Ostrava – Třebovice Operator: Veolia Industrial Services CR, Inc., ČSM mine, plant North, Stonava, 2015 General design of technology,...
Industrial waste incinerator
BIOCEL, a.s., Paskov, Czech Republic, 2000 Complex revamp and modernization of the largest industrial waste incinerator in the Czech Republic. General contractor EVECO Brno.
Special heat exchangers - reboilers
MOL Group - Slovnaft, a.s., Bratislava, Slovakia, 2017   In the framework of fixing the unit for atmospheric distillation of petroleum products, the system with two heat exchangers –...
Acid gas scrubber replacement at hazardous waste incinerator
SPOVO, a.s., Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2008 Turn-key delivery of acid gas scrubber at hazardous waste incinerator (15 kt/a). General contractor EVECO Brno.
Heating system for hardening and tempering furnace
VL Servis, Vítkovice Cylinders, a.s., Czech Republic, 2007 Heating system for hardening and tempering furnace (about 100 burners) including flue gas exhaust and process control for thermal...
Catalytic-filtration system REMEDIA D/F
AVE Kralupy s.r.o., Kralupy nad Vltavou, Czech republic, 2012 Delivery and installation of catalyst filtration system GORE® REMEDIA® D/F for removal of dioxins and furans at hazardous waste...
Steam boiler replacement at industrial waste incinerator
DUSLO, a.s., Šala, Slovakia, 2009 Turn-key delivery of new steam boiler after fluidized bed furnace at industrial waste incinerator. General contractor EVECO Brno.
VEOLIA Energie Czech Republic, a.s., RSEM, Power plant Třebovice, Ostrava, 2014 Turnkey delivery of technology for reduction of SO2 at hot-water boiler K2 in power plant Třebovice. Technology DeSOx...
Specialized thermooil system for industrial sludge incinerator
MOL Group – Slovnaft, a.s., Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 2006 During realization of sludge incinerator was designed, delivered and put to operation thermooil system which includes tailored flue gas/...
Solid alternative fuel feeding nozzles on coal fired boiler
SCHENCK PROCESS, Plzeňská teplárenská, a.s., Plzeň, Czech Republic, 2009 Turn-key delivery of solid alternative fuel feeding nozzles with accessories on coal fired boiler in the Plzeň Heating Plant...
Delivery and installation of air preheater
TERMIZO, a.s., Liberec, Czech Republic, 2013 Execution of project in scope of: design and calculations of equipment, construction and vendor documentation, manufacturing of equipments, equipment...
Combined burner for oily slope combustion in WWTP Sludge Incinerator
SLOVNAFT, a.s., Bratislava, Slovakia, 2014 Turn key delivery of technology including design, engineering, procurement and commissioning. Object of contract was a delivery of burner system for...
Heating roll furnace revamp
VL Servis, Vítkovice Cylinders, a.s., Ostrava - Vítkovice, Czech Republic, 2006 Burner system replacement including flue gas exhaust and process control. General contractor EVECO Brno.
Equipment for off-gas thermal treatment
HOCHTIEF VSB, a.s., Chemopetrol, a.s., Litvínov, Czech Republic, 2004 Delivery of equipment for thermal treatment of off-gases in wide range of hydrocarbon concentrations. Equipment includes a...